Thursday, July 2, 2020

Maggie Jo turned 3!

My little sister Maggie Jo is now 3 years old! She turned 3 on June 30th. Not a lot happened on her birthday.

First, she woke up to her Frozen decorations. Her reaction to them was priceless!

Then, we had breakfast, opened presents, and later that night, we had cake.

3 years ago she was born. I remember I wanted a little sister SOOOO bad! Being 10 at the time, my mom decided I was old enough to come to the hospital with everyone. So I did. I was only 6 when AJ was born, so I could not go. AJ was obviously left with a baby sitter. When my mom said "meet your baby sister" I was speechless. I loved holding her.

Happy Birthday Maggie Jo! You are the best little sister I could ever ask for.

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