Saturday, July 18, 2020

Our Tennessee Trip

 Hello everyone! Last week my family and I came back from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! The trip was so fun. Along the way, our friends the Gray's joined us on our adventures! So if you are reading this Gray's, I had so much fun with ya'll, and I thank ya'll for joining us.

We left on July 5th. The 7 hour drive was boring and normal. It consisted of  IPads (for me) Kindles (for AJ and Maggie Jo) and movies. We eventually got to our condo at about 7 or 8ish, and my dad got takeout for dinner.

The next day was a relaxing, looking around kind of day. After breakfast, and swimming for AJ, Maggie Jo, and my dad, we got in the car and just started driving around the area. We went to a kiddie theme park and rode some rides. Even though many (if not all) of the rides I could not fit in, it was still fun. After that we got lunch, and headed back for the condo. It was hot outside, so the rest of the day, we just stayed there. That night, AJ and my dad went swimming again.

The next dad was more activity. After breakfast, AJ and my dad swimming, and getting ready, We went to lunch with the Gray's! (Notice: AJ and my dad swam every day while we were there.) We went to lunch at a restaurant. Before that we fed the ducks, (the pigeons more than the ducks) and went to a little shop. We were so happy to see the Gray's. They moved to Georgia a few months ago. After lunch, we went to the Titanic museum! To me, it was fascinating.There is a room where you can feel the 28 degree water that hundreds of people froze to death in. (Literally) They have a real iceberg too! There is also a room where you can walk on the slants as the Titanic was sinking. There is a 12 degree slant, a 30 degree slant, and a 45 degree slant. By the 45 degree slant, the people were holding on for dear life. (Also literally) There was also a replica of a lifeboat, and a Lego Titanic made by a 10 year old!

After that, we went to the Dixie Stampede! It is a dinner show with horse riding. After a busy day, we went back to the condo. The Gray's also joined us for the Titanic and the Stampede.

The next day was the last day. That day we went to a Pirate Dinner Show with the Gray's for lunch. I liked that one better than the Stampede. After that, we went gem mining with the Gray's too. Not much happened after that. We visited the Gray's cabin, went out to dinner with them, and they came back to our place to swim.

The next day, we left Pigeon Forge. We had to stay the night a friends house because we had bumper to bumper 5 hour traffic. If we had drove the 3 more hour drive, we would have gotten home at 1:00 am. Maggie Jo was done too. She was having a meltdown. The next day was great! No traffic at all. It did not even feel like 3 hours!

We were glad to get home to our house. It was a great trip!

Thursday, July 2, 2020


Sorry everyone. I could not upload the video. It says it is too large. I don't know what that means, but it is not letting me upload it. Sorry.😞😞

Maggie Jo turned 3!

My little sister Maggie Jo is now 3 years old! She turned 3 on June 30th. Not a lot happened on her birthday.

First, she woke up to her Frozen decorations. Her reaction to them was priceless!

Then, we had breakfast, opened presents, and later that night, we had cake.

3 years ago she was born. I remember I wanted a little sister SOOOO bad! Being 10 at the time, my mom decided I was old enough to come to the hospital with everyone. So I did. I was only 6 when AJ was born, so I could not go. AJ was obviously left with a baby sitter. When my mom said "meet your baby sister" I was speechless. I loved holding her.

Happy Birthday Maggie Jo! You are the best little sister I could ever ask for.