Monday, June 22, 2020

I am a teenager!

Yes, you did read the title right. I turned 13 yesterday! I think yesterday was the best birthday ever!

First, my mom made DELICIOUS biscuits with sausage gravy. Next, I opened birthday presents (and my dad opened Father's Day presents) Last, later that day, my friends came over and had cookies with me. I think that yesterday was the best 13th birthday ever!

Here is a picture and video!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Ella Day

Today was another bucket list item! Today was Ella Day. A few weeks ago we had AJ Day on June 9th. You might ask "Ella, why are you not doing Ella Day tomorrow on your birthday?" Well, that is because Father's Day is also tomorrow. We had AJ Day on June 9th because it was AJ's half birthday, and we will be having Maggie Jo Day on her birthday. (June 30th)

So, when each kid gets a day, this is what it means. They get to chose breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they get to chose what the activity is for the day. They also get to chose the TV. So, this is how Ella Day went.

First, my dad got donuts for breakfast. Next, we played with kinetic sand. Then, my dad and I got Sonic for lunch. Then, my mom and I made my birthday cookies. Then, my mom and I went shopping for pet stuff and stuff for dinner. (Don't worry, we had masks.) Recently, some friends that I invited over just left. Last, my mom is making artichokes for dinner. That was Ella Day.

I think my day was COMPLETELY different from AJ Day. Breakfast was the usual microwaved chocolate chip pancakes. Next, his TV all day. Last, Hot Dogs for dinner. That was AJ Day.

I will post tomorrow on my birthday!

Friday, June 19, 2020


Hi everyone! It is me, Ella! I know is has been a few years since the last post, but now I am going to run the blog! I will update on what has happened over the years.

My little brother AJ is now 6 years old. 

We also have a new family member, Maggie Jo, who is almost 3!

I am going to be 13 in 2 days. Sunday, the 21st of June. (which is also Father’s Day).

I have a new hobby that I have been doing. That hobby is air rifle. My coach Tom made a new trigger for me. It is an extension that goes on the trigger, so all I have to do is pull the extension, and it fires!

I went to the Junior Olympics last year and won two silver medals! I was supposed to go this year too, but it is delayed.


 Now I am homeschooled. I go to an online school called Freedom Project Academy. (FPA). We have also started this year’s 2020 Summer Bucket List! We already completed some items.

 We also just moved! We moved to Centreville, Virgina. I love our new house!

Glad to start this blog again!