Saturday, December 17, 2011

Super Star Ella

Ella had her Christmas program on Thursday.  She looked precious and did a great job!  She did all of the motions and during the last song I thought she might dance herself right off the stairs.  You can even get a glimpse of her waving her dress back and forth.

Unfortunately the video is kind of long and I'm having a hard time getting it to upload to the blog, so if you go to this link it should take you to the video on youtube.  Please commend if you're unable to see it and I'll figure out another way to show it to everyone.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

For the love of Elvis

Ella had a special request this Christmas.  She asked us to put a small tree in the basement.  We have a pre-lit 4 ft. tree, so that was an easy request to fill.  Her second request...that we put all of the Elvis ornaments on the little tree, "Because we love Elvis, don't we mommy!"

I shouldn't be surprised.  Afterall, this is Ella's bathroom.

And yes, we have the matching trash can, soap dish, tooth brush holder, cup and cotton ball holder.  We also have little guitar shaped shower curtain hangers that say Elvis on them.  This is also where we have my Elvis bobble head, Elvis guitar candle, Elvis clock (although this is my second clock because the first one rusted out) and my Elvis car set.  We also have the door hanger that says, you guessed it, "Elvis has left the building."

Side note: My poor mom and mother-in-law always get a bit freaked out when they walk into the bathroom because it looks like a man is climbing out of our bathtub.  I can't blame them.  It's a little freaky if you're not prepared.

I also shouldn't be surprised because this is what greets everyone who enters our basement.

Yep, it's a life-size cardboard cutout of Elvis.

And just to ensure you don't think I'm only interested in the image of Elvis, we do listen to a lot of Elvis music around our house.  In fact, Ella was very excited when she heard Elvis sing Silent Night, a song she knows very well.

So here it is, the Elvis Christmas tree.  No, not ALL of the ornaments are Elvis.  I only have about 10 Elvis ornaments, so that's not enough to cover a whole tree.

 There you have it, just a few samples from the Elvis Christmas tree.  It really is a wonderful tree!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Christmas Time!

It's official.  Christmas has arrived at the Murray house.  Here's proof:

The Christmas Cons are out of the closet

The Santa hat has been put on

The manger scene is up

 The tree is up and decorated

And there's a fire in the fireplace

We love Christmas around here.  Ella's only big disappointment is that we don't have any presents under the tree yet.  I guess that means I need to start wrapping.