Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New pics

I’ve uploaded some new pictures and videos in the March 2009 folder to the right. I must give you a fair warning on 2 very important things.

1) She’s VERY cute…let me emphasize the VERY!

2) She’s a genius. While one of the new videos shows her knowledge on just 4 colors, rest assured that she knows ALL of her colors. In fact, yesterday she asked to go outside and see the purple flowers. This is on top of knowing her entire alphabet, and being able to count to 10 (and I can’t leave out her animals and their noises). I just need to know one thing…is this normal for a 21 month old?


Dee said...

Blessings Ella!
I looked at all the pics your wonderful Mom posted of you last night; I couldn't get you out of my mind! God has made you such a special little girl; you are so beautiful. Your big, innocent eyes shine with His Light and Joy! His Love, confidence and security are in your every move! "Shake your Booty" was adorable!
I Bless Him for wrapping His extraordinary arms around you, your Mom and Dad. You are truly a Blessed Family.
Please give your talented Mom and Dad a kiss for these priceless pics; the exceptional care, Love they bestow on you.
May Jesus continue to richly Bless you, Ella, Mom; Dad with The Treasures from His Heart.

Anonymous said...

Gwen and I LOVED seeing the latest pictures of Miss Ella. We really enjoyed watching the videos. Our favorite was watching Ella shake her tush... how adorable. I also loved the pictures of her asleep on her Elmo chair... totally precious! She smiles with her eyes. Tyra Banks would be proud of her!

We love you guys,