Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hey Katie...

Sometimes I talk to myself. Don’t deny it, I know you do it to. But I always find comfort in knowing that I'm in the privacy of my own home when I'm talking to myself, so no one else has to be part of the conversation...unless I'm driving in my car. In that case I hope that those around me think I'm talking on my cell phone or singing along to the radio. Sometimes when I’m driving around and talking on my cell phone I can’t help but wonder how weird I must look. Well today, I saw how I look. I was stopped at a red light, bopping along to the radio, and when I looked at the car next to me the girl was obviously in a very intense conversation. She was talking with her hands and looked very dramatic. I laughed at her…I admit it, then I tried to get a closer look to see if she was really talking on the phone or just talking to herself. Then I laughed again because just yesterday I was talking to my mom and I know I looked just like her.

And because I know you all are interested, Ella is feeling much better. No more puke and her nose isn’t as runny…the snot is now clear, not the gross yellow/green color that it was (sorry if that was too much information). And her eating has gotten better. Last night she ate 3 chicken nuggets (that’s a lot for Ella) and some broccoli and drank a ton of milk, so I was happy.

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