Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Friday!

The weather finally looks to be warming up for more than a day. It’s supposed to be in the 80’s all weekend! Too bad Joe will be cooped up in the house studying while Ella and I are out enjoying the nice weather. Perhaps I’ll make a lunch that we can enjoy at our new patio table! Or maybe we’ll go to the park and have a picnic. Oh, the possibilities are endless!!! The park is much more enjoyable now that Ella has fully grasped the concept of the slide. We’re still working on the swing, but she’s completely sold on the slide.

Joe is almost done with his semester. Wednesday night was his last class, so now it’s just preparation for his exams. I will take this opportunity to once again brag on my husband who, last week, had one of his professors compliment him on how well he was doing in the class and that it was evident that he really understands the subject. Way to go Joe!!!

Last night we went to Savannah’s house for dinner. Ella was wearing one of her Elmo shirts. Basically it’s just a red t-shirt with an Elmo face on it. And of course she had the matching Elmo hair band in. Savannah kept calling for Ella to sit down and play ball with her, but Ella was much more interested in petting Dorsey, the dog. Finally Savannah yelled, Elmo…Elmo…Elmo…and pointed to the floor for Ella to sit and play with her. It was hysterical. Then later Savannah walked over to Ella and pointed at her hair and looked at her mom, as if to motion “Mom, look, she has Elmo in her hair!” So cute!

That’s really about it on the Murray front. We’re just trucking along one day at a time. Have a great weekend!

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