Monday, April 20, 2009

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, The Old Man is Snoring!

Despite the pouring rain we are having today, this weekend was beautiful! Friday night we even went and bought a new patio table for our backyard. We look forward to enjoying many meals out there. Next on the list for the backyard is a swing set! Now that will be fun!

Saturday Dancerella and I spent the morning running errands. I had a lot of places to go and I knew that Ella would quickly lose interest. Thank heavens for Smarties! Ella ate 2 tubes of them while we were out. Saturday night we went to the wedding of my former co-worker, Erin, to Don. It was a beautiful ceremony and Erin looked gorgeous! I’m a total sap at weddings. I can’t help it! Even if I have no idea who the people are, I always end up shedding a tear. Then again, I’m a crier in general. Every week I bawl through the Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I tell people that crying is my spiritual gift. Anyway, the wedding was beautiful and they had their reception at the Mount Vernon Inn…you know, George Washington’s house. The food was incredible, and in true Wyoming girl fashion, I had a filet mignon.

Sunday afternoon we decided it was time to tackle our yard. Last week I got some new gardening tools at Target...they're pink and I was eager to put them to good use. We worked on the flower box in the front to prepare it for flowers and hopefully next weekend I’ll get the flowers planted. We also worked on the backyard mowing the lawn and pulling up weeds and cleaning off the patio. Our yard is ready for the summer and we look forward to many cookouts back there. The good news is that not only is our yard cleaned up, but I got over 12,000 steps on my pedometer!


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