Monday, April 6, 2009

Sick girl

Poor Ella is sick. She was acting not Ella-like all weekend, and she was not eating as much as her mom likes for her to eat. She had more boogies than I thought a 21 month old could produce and I became the mom that had not 1, not 2, not even 3, but at least 4 tissues in my pocket at any given time. Have I told you how when Ella has a runny nose she likes to swirl her finger around in it? Well, she does and it’s gross. I think she gets that from Joe.

Ella’s runny nose was so bad that one day she grabbed her snot bulb syringe thing and brought it to me. She looked at me with those blue eyes and that runny nose and said “Boogies.” I asked the obvious question, “You want me to suck out your boogies” and Ella replied with her standard, “Ok.” I only do the snot sucker (as we like to call it) in extremely necessary occasions, since Ella could develop blisters in her nose that could cause breathing problems. I figured since she asked me for it, this was extreme.

I always stress out when Ella doesn’t eat as much as usual. Having a kid that is small for their age causes enough anxiety, but when your skinny kid won’t eat it’s even more worrisome. Friday night she did pretty well with her pizza (thanks Jess and Rob), but Saturday she didn’t do well, and Sunday she did even worse. I even bought a new container of ketchup (since she will eat anything with ketchup on it…she even dipped her chocolate chip cookie in ketchup last night…the ketchup obsession she gets from me), but after ½ a chicken nugget she was done. Please pray that Ella’s appetite picks up. I’m sure she’ll be fine in a couple of days, but for now she has her mom worried about her food intake.

This cold did give me a first-time adventure as a mom. I thought after 21 months I had pretty much experienced it all, but no. Last night, for the first time, Ella puked on me…awesome.

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Dee said...

O The Joy's of being a Mom!

Yes Ella I am praying that "with His Stripes" you are completely healed, totally restored to good health. Bless You Jesus!

I will restore you to health;
Heal your wounds,
Declares The Lord.
Jeremiah 30:17