Monday, March 30, 2009

A new favorite

I hate to say it, but I think Ella is slowly losing interest in Elmo. She still loves to watch his shows and still gets very excited to see him, but she isn’t asking for him as much as she once did. Most recently Elmo has been replaced with Larry…of Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales. About a week ago I was in desperate need of something new, different, not Elmo, Blues Clues or Barney. So I grabbed a Veggie Tales DVD and crossed my fingers. She sat through the entire thing and loved it! Now she is constantly asking for Larry (although it sounds more like Weerry). She watches the videos and laughs and even fast forwards through the “Silly Songs” that don’t have Larry as a focal character. I’m just glad we have expanded our video watching.

Last night I was exhausted and was laying on the couch while Joe and Ella watched “Weerry.” Ella kept coming over to me and giving me kisses. It was so sweet! She would come really close then bend over (sticking out her little bottom) and kiss me right on the lips. Then she would go back to watching Larry. This happened about 5 or 6 times and I loved it every time!

The Murray’s had a very busy weekend. Friday night we had our neighbors, Joe and BJ, over for Friday night pizza. They are original owners of their townhouse so they know all the gossip on the block. We didn’t ask them over to find out the gossip though, we just wanted to hang out.

Saturday night we had a Meet and Greet for 3 candidates for the City of Alexandria City Council. It was a good event and we had a good turnout. The best part was that I didn’t have to clean the house to get ready for it! A few months ago Joe got me a present…he hired a maid! I love her! With me working full time, Joe working and being in school, and having Ella we just didn’t have time to keep the house as clean as we like it. So, Ana came into our lives! The best part of Saturday was that our entire house got cleaned (floors swept and mopped, bathrooms scrubbed, kitchen cleaned, baseboards wiped down, clean sheets on all the beds, they even dust the corners of the ceiling) and I just had to stay in the basement and play with Ella and Joe. We got family bonding while someone else cleaned. I know it costs money, but for us it is worth every cent!

Sunday morning we went to church and while Ella was still shy, she wasn’t as shy as she usually is. This gave us hope that maybe she is starting to break out of this shyness phase. Since we had beautiful weather on Sunday we took Ella for a nice long walk all through the neighborhood (I got around 5,000 steps…have I mentioned that I’m obsessed with my pedometer). And Sunday night we had our good friends, the Grubbs, over for dinner. We had to start planning the 2009 MurrGrubbs vacation (oh yes, there will be t-shirts) and Christy and I had to start planning our mom’s night out.

It was a nice and busy weekend, but now we’re back to the old grind.

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