Friday, March 6, 2009

Ella's Random Things

Facebook has been circulating these 25 random thing notes. Well, Ella is only 20 months old so she doesn't have a lot of random things to report, but in the meantime, here are 10.

1) Ella snores…loud. Sometimes it’s so loud that we can hear it all the way in our room.

2) Ella gets really bad bed-head. Her hair is completely nuts, especially in the morning. I try to control it with clips and bows, but sometimes there just isn’t much that can be done, especially in the back where it all just frizzes out.

3) Ella likes her saline nasal spray. She calls it “boogies” and she asks me to take the cap off so she can hold it up to her nose and inhale.

4) Ella can’t say the letter “L.” She is great on all the other letters, but when she says her name it sounds like “Ehna.”

5) Ella loves to sing and loves music. She especially loves Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. I try to sing her at least one hymn a night so that she can start to learn those at a young age.

6) Ella will eat anything that has tomato sauce or ketchup. Last night I wanted her to eat her cheese ravioli (that didn’t have pasta sauce because she only gets pasta sauce on bath nights), so I gave her some ketchup to dip it in. She ate almost the whole bowl.

7) Ella is extremely shy. Honestly, it worries me a bit, especially since Joe and I are the least shy people I know. I just keep telling myself that someday she’ll come out of her shell.

8) Although she is really shy, Ella loves going out to eat and to the store and other public places. She’s even fine at church until someone comes up and acknowledges her. I think it’s because no one is talking directly to her at these venues.

9) Ella actively participates in her shows. When Dora or Diego ask her a question, she gives them an answer…and she’s usually right! Or, she’ll go to the TV and point to what they are talking about. And in Blues Clues she loves yelling out “A Clue, A Clue!!!”

10) Ella won’t sit still so her mom can take pictures of her. It gets really frustrating to have all of the pictures of her either walking to me or running away.

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Anonymous said...

Another random thing about Ella...she already has a dance routine: tap your feet; spin around; shake your boodie; clap your hands!!