Thursday, March 19, 2009

You know you’re a parent when…

You wake up in the morning singing Elmo, Barney, Blue Clues, or another one of your child’s favorite songs.

You have a secret crush on Joe from Blues Clues (Shhh…don’t tell my husband)

You can sit around with your other parent friends and discuss your child’s bodily functions without ever batting an eye.

It doesn’t bother you to bare-hand a booger.

You try to find new and exciting ways to get your child to do something they hate. “Ooooh, we haven’t changed your diaper in mom and dad’s room! Won’t that be fun?”

You develop the incredible skill of being able to tune out whining, crying and screaming and just ignore it and go about your business.

You find yourself doing and saying things your parents did and said even though you vowed you wouldn’t.

It is way more important for your kid to have cute clothes and look good, than it is for you to wear the latest fashions.

You have a snack in your purse at all times. (This was proven when I was at a work event and a girl with diabetes started to have a low-blood sugar. I was able to offer her honey-nut cheerios, a granola bar, Smarties and a lollie pop).

All thoughts of being “cool” are thrown out the window and thoughts of practicality replace them. (Why else would so many parents drive a minivan?)