Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

This was a very busy and fun filled weekend for the Murray folks. On Friday night we had our pizza dinner with some of our neighbors who have a daughter 11 months old (not Savannah who comes over to play with Ella…this is another family. We have a lot of kids in our neighborhood). It was great hanging out with them and getting to know them better…and Ella always loves playing with other kids toys. I think it’s because they’re new and exciting. Besides, we had pizza and we all know how Ella loves her “Isap.”

Saturday morning I was really hoping that Ella would sleep in and give me some much needed rest, but no, that wasn’t going to happen. Joe got up to go hunting around 6 am and of course Ella got up with him. I was able to keep her in her crib until 7 (thanks to our portable DVD player and her Blues Clues video), and all along I was praying that she’d drift back to sleep. But at 7 the battery on the DVD player had run out and she was ready to get up and party! With Joe gone for the morning that meant that I was up too. When we finally got dressed I just grabbed an outfit from her closet and put it on her without going outside. The outfit was long-sleeved and shortly after getting her dressed I went outside and realized that the poor girl was going to burn up in long-sleeves, so I changed her clothes. The weather all weekend was beautiful!

Saturday afternoon Aunt Katie, Uncle Jarrod and Cousin Andrew all came for a visit. Ella was her typical shy self. I know that as they grow up she and Andrew will have so much fun playing together! It was funny because when we left the house for dinner, as soon as we got in the car Ella started asking for Andrew. Then we got to the restaurant she was shy again, and once more when we got back in the car to go home she was asking for Andrew. Sunday morning we went to church and were able to introduce all of our friends to the ORIGINAL Katie Murray…I’m the new version (although not necessarily improved…I think we’re equally awesome).
As a little side note (which I may or may not have told on this blog before…if so just bear with me), my mom’s name is Gale and her brother, my uncle, married a Gail. My whole life I thought it was so weird that my uncle would marry a woman with the same name as his sister and that his sister was Gale Gooch, but now his wife is Gail Gooch. Of course just because God has a really good sense of humor he would have me marry a man with a sister named Katie so now I’m the other Katie Murray.

After a quick lunch, Katie, Jarrod and Andrew had to head back home. It was great spending time with them and we already have a trip planned in June to take the kids to Sesame Place (and we’re hoping more Murray’s can join us). Now that will be fun!!!

Sunday afternoon the weather was just too nice to ignore, so we came home and changed clothes to head to Fort Ward Park. We met up with our friend from church, Darla, and she and Joe threw the softball around while Ella and I went for a nice walk. After our walk we sat in the grass and watched Joe and Darla throw the ball, and Ella even got to throw the ball into Daddy’s glove…which she loved doing! It was a great day to be outside!

Of course in the midst of it all, Joe and I both caught colds…and given that Ella didn’t sleep much last night we are thinking she caught one too. Hopefully we will all recover quickly.


Anonymous said...

Glad you guys had a fun-filled weekend!

I thought of you this weekend when 1. we went to Target and 2. Matt bought a pink shirt and tie.

Off to give Gwen a princess bubble bath (her bubble bath bottle has a picture of princesses on it)....

Love you guys much!

Ronda said...

I found your site from reading about baby Jonah, who has EB. I spent the last few days reading your story. Ella is a very special girl and her parents are too! By the way, Carter's makes footed pj's that go up to at least 24 months, maybe even into the t's. I also thought it was strange that Target (the best store in the world!) didn't have footed pj's past 9 months!