Monday, March 23, 2009


This weekend there were 3 separate times where my entire body went into complete panic. It started Friday morning when Ella woke up early. She was walking around playing, having a grand time, and I was in the kitchen fixing her pancakes for breakfast. All of a sudden I heard the dreaded “thud.” Of course I dropped everything and ran into the living room. There I found Ella laying face down with blood dripping from her lip. Thus, panic ensued. I picked her up and ran upstairs to the boo boo table to evaluate the situation. I was convinced that she had knocked out all of her front teeth! Fortunately she still has all of her teeth. She did, unfortunately, scrape all the skin off of her top lip…which explains all the blood. She recovered and is doing fine. Her lip is red and gross with a scab, but she, like always, acts like nothing is wrong and is her same, sweet self.

Panic #2 occurred on Saturday when Ella skipped her nap. This has been happening a lot lately and it really makes me afraid that the joyous times of nap and silence will soon be over. I am not looking forward to the days of no nap. I think I need that 3 hour break more than she does! I thought kids were 3 or 4 before they stopped taking naps! What’s up with my kid stopping them at almost 2?

Finally, my third time of panic happened Sunday afternoon while Ella and I were on our way to Target. We were stopped at a stop light and I looked in the mirror to make sure everything was in place…you know you do it too. And there is was…I found my first gray hair! Complete and utter panic! I’m only 31 (almost 32) and way too young to have gray hair! Since I was a kid I’ve been crossing my fingers for the Alexander hair genes. No, not the ones that made my dad and brother go bald at very young age. The hair genes that have given my grandmother her beautiful salt-and-pepper look…even at 80! It took all of my strength not to visit the Miss Clairol aisle at Target. I plucked the hair and closely examined it to see if it was in fact gray, or just a blond hair that was just a bit lighter than all of my other hairs. I haven’t revisited the gray hair area to see if there are any more. I’m trying to convince myself that it was just blond. In this case, denial is the best medicine.


Curby Alexander said...

Your brother's bald? Weird!

Darla Tomes said...

As my momma (who is a beautician) says, "As long as there is hair color, I will not have gray hair." And she's right! She doesn't! :)

Anonymous said...

Joe will do that to you!!!!

Brian, Lindsey, Isaiah & Levi said...

Oh gosh - I wish I didn't have any gray hairs and I am only 30 - I have tons!!!!! Must be my insane children that give them to me!