Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ella’s cousins!

We spent the weekend in Charlottesville celebrating the 1st birthday of Sam and Nate. The boys were born on Super Bowl Sunday, so it was only appropriate that their 1 year birthday party was also a Super Bowl party. Nate loved his birthday cupcake, but Sam didn’t really like it. In fact, he much preferred the chex mix over the cup cake. Obviously he doesn’t get that from his Aunt Katie who loves all cake!

We had a nice weekend. Ella slept the entire drive down, which meant that we didn’t have to listen to Barney, Elmo or Blues Clues. She had fun with her cousins…I guess. Kids their age don’t really play together yet. They do what is called “parallel play” so they play near each other and are obviously aware of what the other kid is doing, but they don’t really play together. So Ella more observed her cousins, but didn’t really “play” with them. As for Sam and Nate, they were more interested in what yummy snack Ella was eating at the time. Those boys love their food. In fact, both outweigh Ella.

Ella has had a recent breakthrough with her sleeping. She still doesn’t sleep very well throughout the night, but all of a sudden last week she developed the ability to know when she’s tired and how to communicate that. So she started telling us when she wanted to go to bed by saying “Night night. Doggie.” Basically saying that she wanted to go to bed with doggie. So now we know when she says that we can lay her in her crib with doggie and she goes to sleep. It has only been going on for a week, so I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it keeps happening. It makes night time much more enjoyable and less exhausting.

That’s about it on our end. We’re keeping extremely busy and looking forward to the weekend to just hang out. I hope you all have a nice weekend too.

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