Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daddy's Election

Here is what Daddy had to say about his election recount this past Monday.

" I called Delegate Herring to congratulate her and let her know that I would not be filing an election contest with the House. I was pleased to learn from her staff that she's been sworn in and was attending a committee meeting when I called.

Along with the people of the 46th District, I look forward to her representation of the 46th district. This recount has been about assuring the voters of the 46th District that the votes they cast were counted accurately and that they have the representative of their choosing in the House. Of course, I had hoped to be that representative, but, ultimately, I requested this recount to ensue the integrity of the voting process. That goal has been accomplished.

My family will always consider this campaign a blessing. We played an active part in the democratic process we so cherish. We met so many great neighbors and have made new friends and strengthened old friendships.

Finally, I hope the General Assembly will take up a change in the Election Code to ensure that absentee ballot voters, and especially military voters, such as those whose ballots were not counted in this election, will be able to have their votes counted in the future."

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