Tuesday, February 17, 2009

God Bless America

Joe’s a little patriotic…ok, so he’s a LOT patriotic. Case in point, Ella was born on June 21, 2007 and on July 4, 2007 Joe read her the entire Declaration of Independence. As I recall, she slept through it. Being the patriot that he is, Joe has been singing Ella “God Bless America” since she was born, and several times he has sung her to sleep. Tonight I was in rocking Ella to sleep and singing “God Bless America” and when I got to the “home sweet home” part of the song, she started singing along with me. Every time I would get to “home sweet home” she would sing along. Ella sings along to her ABC’s and several songs on Barney or Sesame Street, but this was the first time she has sung along to this song. Unfortunately poor, exhausted Joe was already asleep and missed it. I’ll make sure he hears about it first thing in the morning.

As noted in my above sentence, Joe was so tired tonight that he fell asleep early. Ella and I were in our bedroom getting things ready for her bandage change and she heard Daddy snoring. She came over to where I was and was imitating the snoring sound by saying “Ahhh shooo.” It was so funny!

Valentines Day was celebrated first with Grammy Janet and her friend Bernadette coming into town. Unfortunately they weren’t able to stay for long, but it was a nice visit anyway. The highlight of this was for Joe since his mom brought us fresh lobster to enjoy! It made for a very fancy Sunday lunch. That night we decided that we would go out to dinner as a family. Our first option was to go to Bertucci’s where Joe and I went on our first official date. The wait there was way too long, so we walked down the block to Cosi and had sandwiches. Lucky for Joe, Ella and I aren’t too hard to please. It was nice just getting out and spending time as a family.

GiGi came in town to celebrate President’s Day weekend with us before heading to Charlottesville for a few days. Ella was her typical shy self, but warmed up enough to show GiGi several of her tricks. Ella can now count to 10 and she can say her entire alphabet. We are working on learning her colors, and so far she only really knows pink. Sometimes she’ll remember blue and red, but pink is the only sure one. I’m ok with that! J Anyway, we had a lot of fun on my day off hanging out with GiGi and playing. GiGi even bought Ella a map of the US so that she can start learning where all her family lives. We can’t wait for her to come back in a couple of weeks. The only sad part is that we really miss having Paw Paw with her. I know that Ella would LOVE to sing along with Paw Paw. I bet he does a rockin’ Itsy Bitsy Spider!


Anonymous said...

The little bit of time spent with the Murrays convinced me that I have the sweetest, smartest little grandaughter in the world!! I was excited to see her dressed up in the Valentine dress I made for her. Two ponytails with big pink bows completed her ensemble. Now I can't wait to get home and sew something equally as precious for Easter. Making pretty dresses for Ella is one of life's great joys. Do I sew for her cousins, Sam and Nate? Not yet...When they start wanting superman capes and other special costumes, I'll be at the sewing machine on their behalf. For now...my sewing is all about sweet Ella. Hugs and kisses are in every stitch.....GiGi

Wren and Jennifer Hawthorne said...

That is so funny that she was making the snoring sound. I can just picture the scene in my head. I am still laughing. Thanks again for sharing. BTW, isn't it just so precious to hear their little voices when they sing?

Anonymous said...

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