Saturday, February 21, 2009

20 Months Old

I can hardly believe it! Ella is growing up way too fast. In only 4 short months she’ll be 2 years old! With having a 2 year old we have a whole new set of trials on our hands: the terrible twos, potty training, finding a preschool, etc. I’m not sure I’m ready for all of that. What happened to our little baby?

We took Ella back to the doctor yesterday for a weight check. As you may recall, she had lost nearly a pound over the holidays, so since then we’ve been shoving food down her and I check the fat grams, calories and protein on EVERYTHING. I am happy to report that she has gained 8 oz in 6 weeks. This is great news. She’s almost back up to her pre-Christmas weight. The doctor was really pleased to see how Ella looked. She is definitely a healthy little girl and doesn’t seem to be facing the nutritional issues that a lot of EB kids face. The only problem is that she loves her veggies, so we have to give her meat or pasta first, then the veggies get to be her dessert. If we give them to her at the same time then all she’ll eat is her veggies and not get any of the fat and protein that she needs. So far her favorites are corn, broccoli and asparagus. She’s not a big fan of peas or green beans.

We have learned that having a smart baby (at least we think she’s smart) is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because she’s smart…who doesn’t want a smart kid. It’s a curse because she knows exactly what happens every time we take her to the doctor…shots. And as soon as we get into that little room she knows that sometime soon she’s going to get her shots, so she starts crying. It’s terrible. She did ok yesterday, but every time we laid her down on the table she would start crying and try to sit up. Luckily the doctors office is moving, so the next time we see them they’ll be in a new building. Hopefully this will trick Ella and she’ll be a bit more accommodating.

Last night was Friday night pizza night at the Murray house, and while we usually order in the pizza (Valentino’s in Alexandria…the best pizza in the area), last night we decided to go out and eat in the restaurant. Back to having the smart baby, we made the mistake of telling her that we were going to have pizza for dinner. Ella LOVES pizza! Unfortunately she thought that we were going to be having it at home, so when we got her into the car she started saying “pizza, pizza, pizza.” We tried to explain that we were going out to get pizza, but all she knew was that she wanted pizza and she didn’t want to have to go in the car to get it. Once we got to the restaurant and saw the pizza she was fine, and they even brought her some bread to tide her over before the pizza came. She loves going out to eat (which we don’t really understand because she’s so shy everywhere else) and she loves pizza even more, so it was a great night out.

Last but not least, I finally added some new photos from Feb.


Anonymous said...

Glad Miss Ella is gaining some weight. I'm sure you and Joe were relieved to hear that - and to get a positive Dr's report.

I thought about you today when I was reading one of Gwen's new My Little Pony books. The word 'pink' was used a lot! Second, we took a trip to Target, your favorite store.

I miss you much. I would love to see you when Gwen and I come home this summer!

Darla Tomes said...

Where;s this Valentino's joint? An yes, don't worry, she IS smart! You're not just being proud parents :)