Friday, February 27, 2009


I have learned that I say Ok, or “K” a lot. How did I learn this…because Ella says it all the time. She used to say “Yeah” until all of a sudden a few weeks ago it changed to “Ok.” Just the other day she was taking a nap while I went to the grocery store. When she woke up Joe said that she looked at him and said “Cake” so he asked the obvious question, “Do you want some cake?” (have I mentioned that Ella has a sweet tooth) to which Ella replied “Ok.” She made it sound like Joe had come up with the idea and she was just going along with it. She will also say, “Milk, ok.” As if to ask for it then tell herself that she’s going to get it. When she started saying ok my first thought was, ‘where did she learn this?’ As time progressed I realized that she learned it from me! Oh well, I guess “Ok” is better than what our neighbor little girl (who is Ella’s age) picked up from her mom…lets just say that it’s a 2 word phrase that starts with “Oh” and ends with word that starts with S. Enough said.

I’ve decided that I’m going to start buying Ella’s clothes at TJMaxx, or another outlet store. I usually get her stuff at Target or Babies R Us (BRU), but when I was in TJMaxx the other day I found 2 outfits that are exactly like the ones at BRU, and they were only $6 each! At BRU they are $14.99 each, so this was major savings. Now if TJMaxx would just have the perfect kid size table we’d be all set!

And finally, from the Murray household…I got a call last night from someone trying to scam me. They were trying to convince me that I needed to renew our car warranty. There were several signs that proved this was a scam: 1) When I answered they said that we needed to renew our warranty on our Pontiac Vibe…we don’t even own a Pontiac. When I told them that we didn’t own a Pontiac he said that their computers had been messing up all day and if I told him what kind of car we drove he could pull up the information, 2) When I asked for the name of the company he was calling from he just said “your warranty service center” and never gave me a real name, and 3) He got VERY upset when I told him that I wasn’t going to make any decisions without talking to my husband. He said that he had to close out my account tonight and that he really wanted to get home to his family so the sooner he could take care of it the better. Obviously this joker didn’t know that he was talking to Katie Cakes Murray who is smarter than the average bear! I wasn’t falling for his antics, and when Joe got home I told him all about the phone call. 15 minutes later Joe found this article.

That’s it for Murray news. Have a fun weekend everyone!

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ValerieO said...

I don't know what kind of perfect kid size table you are looking for but Danny sort of found one for me. He went to home depot and got a 2' x 4' folding table. Cut the legs of so it would be 18" tall and put the plastic things on the bottom of the legs on the table. When you look at it you'd never know he did it. It's great because there's plenty of room for both kids to do stuff. Plus - it's a folding table so it can be put away!!