Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Play Date

Ella has had a couple of play dates with her friend, Savannah, who lives 2 doors down. Savannah is just a week or 2 younger than Ella, so they are right at the same age. As I have mentioned before, Ella talks a lot…A LOT! And while Savannah can definitely hold her own, her favorite phrase is “What’s that?” This makes for a deadly combination. An afternoon of Savannah pointing at something and saying “What’s that?” and Ella giving her the answer….over and over and over again. Poor Metti. Tonight, as a result of these play dates, Ella would point at something and say “What’s that?” Then she would tell herself what it was.

Ella is officially out of her 12-18 month clothes. The 18-24 month are still way too long, but that’s better than the 18 month that we could barely get her in. We go back to the doctor next week so hopefully she has gained back the pound she lost during Christmas and if we’re lucky she’ll have gained some more in the process.

Ella has also learned how to play hide and seek with her toys. She hides something like Doggie, her block, her ball, or anything else she thinks would be good to hide (and it’s usually hidden under the couch, a blanket or a big block) and she’ll say “Doggie where are you?” Then she promptly finds Doggie and says “There are! Hi Doggie!” Then Doggie gets hidden again…in the same place as before. It’s really pretty cute to watch.

Her other favorite game is to have Mommy kiss her toys over and over again. For some reason this always gets a nice long belly laugh. Of course I always comply because she’s just so stinking cute.

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Becky said...

I'd like to say that I had something to do with the hide and seek game. I'm a great influence on your precious child! :)