Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend Update and more on EB Awareness Week

This Saturday started off with me participating in the Washington, DC diabetes walk. It was raining so Joe and Ella stayed home. It’s always weird to see colleagues outside of the office. No one is in a suit, no one even really has their hair fixed (I think we all were wearing ponytails) or make-up on, and no one talks about work. We just walk and talk. It was kind of nice and I got to meet several spouses, which is always good.

Saturday afternoon we spent a majority of our time inside since it was pouring rain. But early Saturday evening we did venture out and do some furniture shopping. On the main floor of our house we don’t have any furniture. That’s not completely true, we have a dining table in the formal eating area, and in the kitchen we have a card table (but it is a really nice wooden card table), and in the living room we have my life-size cardboard cut out of Elvis in the gold suit, two lawn chairs, and the new French doors that have yet to be installed. So we are in the process of looking for new furniture. Unfortunately we haven’t had a lot of luck so far. It took me several months to find the perfect couch and chair when I was single (this now is in our basement), so I will persevere and the perfect thing will show up.

Sunday morning we left bright and early to head to Charlottesville to see Sam and Nate’s baby dedication. Those boys are so cute! The dedication was so nice. You can read more about it Here. On the way home we stopped at a couple more furniture stores to check out the selection, but still left empty-handed. That was it for the weekend. Sunday night we just hung out at home and relaxed.

For National EB Awareness week, I want to open the floor to questions. You may not have any, or there may be questions that have been lingering in your head for a long time. Feel free to ask anything, EB related or not. You probably won’t ask a question we haven’t already been asked, so don’t be shy. You can either leave a question in the comments section of the blog, or if you want to remain anonymous you can email it to Ella.

Have a great week.

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Anonymous said...

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