Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ella's Halloween costume

Ok everyone out there in blogland. We need your help. We are trying to decide on what Ella should be for Halloween. So, please cast your vote on the right for your favorite costume. Our disclaimer is that while we will take into consideration the winner, Ella and her parents have the ability to make the ultimate decision. That said, the polls open now.


Darla Tomes said...

Sarah Palin! Get her a baby wig, hip glasses and some red pumps and she could totally pull it off :)

Brian, Lindsey, Isaiah & Levi said...

Looks like the flower is winning for now!!!!

Kayden said...

My vote for doggie Halloween costume for Ella.

Anonymous said...

Baby Lion, with tons of courage.*0612

Anonymous said...

Oops - hope this link works if you Cut & Paste.

FinsUp said...

I'm the only one who voted for monster? It's Halloween! You are supposed to be something completely opposite and scary. She's an adorable flower the rest of the year.

Go, monster!

(Dana and Matt's friend)