Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ella's Words

Mo – Elmo...of course
Wee – this either means whee (like in the song “The mouse ran up the clock…whee”) or three (when we’re playing and on the count of three we throw her on the bed).
Yummy – she says this when she’s hungry. Usually she is also pointing at the refrigerator
Thank you – believe it or not she knows to say this when someone gives her something, although she also says it when she gives something to us.
Uh oh
Meow – the impressive thing is that she knows what is a cat and she knows what is a dog, and she knows what isn’t either of these animals because she won’t call it anything.
What’s that? – This is code for “Let me see that.”
Flicker – she doesn’t say this very often, but she has said it more than once so we’re going to count it
Done – said while doing the baby sign language for ‘all done’
Bird – she only says this when she sees Big Bird. The term doesn’t apply to any other bird

Ella also has a few words that we don’t really understand. When she wants a bottle she says “guh guh.” The only thing I can figure is that she is trying to say “drink” and just has the last part figured out. She also is always saying “dubbie.” We have no idea who or what dubbie is. There has been the idea that dubbie is really Metti, but there isn’t any confirmation on that.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts on Ella’s Halloween costume. The vote is still going on so keep voting.


Becky said...

You forgot my favorite word.. "Beh"... one day she's going to get the -ck sound on that word! I miss Dancerella and might have to stop by sometime soon to visit.

Maureen said...

I think you have one of them wrong. Are you sure "Mo" doesn't mean Aunt Mo?