Monday, October 13, 2008

A Very Busy Weekend

This weekend was chocked full of fun! And Ella seemed to love every minute of it. She had gotten her MMR shot at her last doctor visit, and had been suffering from a fever for several days because of it (apparently this is normal). The fever had caused her to be fussy and lose her appetite, so needless to say, last week Ella was not in the best of moods. Saturday her fever finally went away so we took her to the Seminary Valley Fall Festival. It wasn’t one of these huge festivals that you see in some towns, but it was still great to get out. They had a pony ride with miniature horses (sorry Beck), but we didn’t bother standing in line for Ella to ride one. We know that the next time she’s in Texas her Uncle John and Aunt Nancy will let her ride as long as she wants to! One of the privileges of having a family farm is that all of these things that are novelties to city-folk, are available at your fingertips…well, as long as you’re in Texas. Anyway, we did sit and watch the horses for a long time and our sweet baby girl kept pointing and saying “Moo.” In all of her animal pictures, the cows have spots and the horses are brown. So when she saw a large spotted animal, who can blame her for thinking it was a cow? We had a lot of fun at the festival and Ella really enjoyed her first taste of Kettle Corn.

Saturday night Metti came over and watched Ella so Joe and I could go to a wedding. It was nice to get out and have a date. The wedding was beautiful and the food was even better! Not that we went to the wedding JUST for the food, but it was definitely an added perk.

Sunday morning we drove up to MD to meet Amelia (Millie) Benson. She is a whole 4 weeks old and is so so sweet. Ella learned a new word while we were there…Baby. She looked at Millie for a little bit, but was much more interested in Roux Benson, the family dog. And Roux was very accommodating. She would lay there while Ella just looked at her, poked her and laughed. We are going to have to cave in at some point and get Ella dog. For now, our friends dogs will have to do.

Sunday night we went to dinner with some of Joe’s friends from law school. We went to Hard Times for yummy chili (I had Bubba Chili…cornbread topped with chili, cheese, tomatoes and sour cream). Of course Ella was a hit. Sometimes I think she knows that she’s cute. My mom’s BFF Gretchen talks about how little girls know when they are dressed up because they act differently. Well, Ella is only 15 months old, but yesterday she was wearing a cute skirt and shirt with tights and little brown shoes and her hair was in pigtails. She looked SO cute, and I swear by the way she was acting that she knew it! She was smiling at everyone and even flirted with one of the guys at dinner. It made me want to get her more cute dresses!


Anonymous said...

Just as long as Ella remembers that the guy at dinner belongs to me, she can be as cute as she wants. It was very funny to watch Bentz flirt right back at her!

Anonymous said...

It is SO true! My niece, Lilly, wouldn't wear a bow in her hair until my mom put one in and took her to the mirror and said, "see how pretty you are with the bow in?" and she smiled and laugh and now she wears one all the time and doesn't mess with it! She'll even hand it to my mom to put it in her hair for her!!

Jess Baker