Friday, October 17, 2008

Hound Dog

Well, I just got back from Elvis Fest and I have to say, it did not disappoint! First, let me give a quick shout out to my table...table 19! Now, on to the evening.

I was running a bit late because I made Joe drive all the way to Leesburg to pick up a bookshelf for Ella's room (it was too cute to pass up...more on that in a later post). Luckily my date, Beck, was also running late. I arrived at the church about 2 minutes before she did and took one look at who was walking through the door and knew that we were going to be in a crowd unlike the ones we typically run in. Beck and I were the youngest by probably about 20 years. When we went inside we did find 3 others around our age, so we all sat together (Hello table 19).

Beck and I were also the most committed to Elvis night. I was wearing my Elvis t-shirt (I can count on one hand the number of times I've worn it...there just aren't a lot of occasions to wear an Elvis t-shirt and not get stared at) and I had one of my Elvis purses, and Beck was wearing her Elvis sunglasses (she got a lot of compliments on them).

The dinner was fabulous! BBQ brisket, collard greens, baked beans, homemade macaroni and cheese, cornbread, coleslaw and finished up with yummy banana pudding. They did have several trivia questions, and I knew most of them but not all. They also had a costume contest and while Beck and I didn't win, we definitely held our own.

The evening entertainment was Elvis Impersonator, Michael Hoover. Now, since I am a very loyal fan of the one and true Elvis, I never really know how to respond to impersonators. They are entertaining, and I usually have a good time, but they matter how good...are just a bit cheesy to me. This is not meant to be an offense, and to really think about it, Elvis himself was a bit on the cheesy side, especially in his later years (hello white jumpsuit with a rhinestone eagle and a matching cape). What was hysterical was that a girl at our table, Robin, had seen Michael perform before and she was very upset that at his last performance he had not given her a scarf. In fact, she mentioned it several times throughout the night. Well, he made up for it this time. She got a scarf AND a big kiss on the cheek. He was very entertaining, cheesiness and all, and I would gladly go see him again.

It was a fun night out. Joe and Ella stayed home and had daddy-daughter time. By the time I got home to do boo boos the poor girl was exhausted (she's usually in bed asleep by 9:30 and we didn't even start boo boos until 9:30). She whined through her entire bath, and as soon as she was on the changing table she was out! She woke up long enough for me to brush her teeth, give her doggie and lay her in bed.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Baltimore. I'm sure we'll have a lot to report from the weekend. It's going to be a fun time!


Darla Tomes said...

Those were MY sunglasses, not Becky's! Give me a shout out!

Robin said...

I'm so glad I got a shout out on the Team Joella blog! Whoot whoot! (that's better than an Elvis impersonator kiss any day!)