Friday, November 19, 2010


To follow up to my post yesterday (which was actually posted this morning), today I am thankful for pictures and videos. I love looking at pictures of family members when they were kids. I love looking at pictures of Joe and me when we were dating. I love looking at pictures of Ella when she was a baby.

When we were in Texas last year my uncle pulled out some old family videos. They were AWESOME! We laughed through every video…especially of the one where my brother was break dancing…yes, break dancing. Hello 80’s! In most of my childhood memories Curby was either break dancing or skateboarding. In this particular video he was break dancing on the front patio of our grandparents house and in the middle of the song our grandfather, Big Daddy, joined him. We died laughing! It was hysterical!

I love watching videos of Ella when she was a baby. Sometimes if I’ve had a bad day I will go back and look at all the pictures and videos from her first year. She was SO cute! These are treasures for me. In fact, I hate to admit it but I don’t have a lot of memories of Ella during her first year. We were in complete survival mode, which means I didn’t take the time to remember things. Sure, there are bits and pieces that I remember really vividly, but not her first year as a whole. So I love looking back on the videos and seeing just how cute she was!

I love looking at old pictures of Joe when he was a little boy! He was so cute. I think it’s hysterical to look at all sorts of pictures of him on dates. Oh the girls he has dated! I love seeing pictures of him with his dad, especially since I never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Murray. I love seeing pictures of the entire family together and trying to decide which sister is which.

I love looking at pictures of family members who I’ve never met. The old timey ones where no one smiles. I love those!

My grandma, Big Mama, also loved pictures. One step inside her house and you knew 2 things. 1) she loved her family, and 2) she proved it by all of the pictures she had hanging everywhere. In their guest house one entire wall was made up of pictures of their 3 kids. In the den in the main house there were pictures on every inch of every wall…and all over the door…and all around the TV. These pictures gave her comfort.

I am SO thankful for pictures and videos!

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