Friday, November 19, 2010

Digital Camera Awesomeness

I meant to post this last night, but I was tired and fell asleep.

Today I am thankful for the modern technology of digital cameras. Remember the “Olden Days” when we had to take a picture and didn’t immediately know what it looked like? Remember when we had to wait days or weeks to actually see if we closed our eyes in the picture? Ugh!

Remember when 1 hour processing came into existence and we didn’t have to wait for weeks but could have our pictures back within the day? I would always pay the extra money for the hour processing. It was totally worth it!

My first camera was a pink 110 camera given to me by my grandparents, the Bigs (Big Mama and Big Daddy) for Christmas. I think I was maybe in 5th or 6th grade, but I can’t really remember. When I was in high school (again, I think) my parents got my brother and I both very nice Olympus cameras. The thing that made this camera cooler than any other camera was that it had a built in remote control! Yes! No more turning on the timer and running to get in the right place. Everyone would just get posed and I would click the remote control and take the picture. It was fabulous! In fact, I still have that camera. I keep it around just in case I ever need a “real” 35mm camera.

The first digital camera I ever owned was given to Joe and me by my bridesmaids. They all pitched in and got us a nice digital camera…cannon I think. Of course I was a complete dork and forgot to pack it for our honeymoon, which meant that any pictures we have from that week were taken by a $6 disposable camera that I grabbed in the grocery store. We used that camera until Ella was about 18 months old. Unfortunately it had seen better days and the pictures were all dark and had weird coloring.

For Christmas when Ella was 18 months old Joe gave me the nice Cannon digital camera that I have now. I love it! I love that I can take pictures and video. I love that if Ella won’t stand still I can just put it on the “sport” setting and snap away until I get one that looks good. And I especially love that I can take hundreds of pictures without worrying If I’ve used up all of my film. The only thing I wish was that I knew how to fully utilize the camera. I feel like I only use about 10% of what it can actually do.

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