Thursday, October 4, 2007

She's Growing!

To your right you will find a new picture category, October 2007 Photos. We decided that the other folder was getting a bit packed, so we’d start a new one for each month. Ella is still as cute as ever! My favorite picture is the one of her yawning. The dress and hat outfit were a gift from a couple in our church, the Bull’s. There are also a couple of new videos. She’s getting so long!

We had a big breakthrough this week! Ella’s right foot is all healed and looking fabulous, so we decided to take a major risk and not wrap it and see how things held up. We did put Mepilex on the heel (its this padded foamy stuff that protects her skin), and put a nice thick and soft sock on her foot, then put a little bit of tubifast (the things that look like tights that hold all of her dressings in place) on the shin to make sure the sock doesn’t fall off. So far its been 3 days and things seem to be looking good. She did get a little blister on the top of her foot from kicking, but all in all it seems to be working out well. Now we just need to get the left leg in the same position. It’s doing well, but not as good as the right foot.

Ella has also gotten used to taking baths. She cries for the first 30 seconds, then realizes that she likes the water. The worst part is probably taking her out of the bath. We wrap her in a towel the best we can, but she still gets cold and starts crying. Of course we do what we always do, shove a bottle in her mouth.

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Anonymous said...

Katie Alexander!!! WOW! I really thought you would marry someone named Tyrone, but I was surprised to hear that your baby daddy's name is Joe! :) Steph and I had dinner with Ashley tonight and we were catching up on old summer staffers, and she said you were a mommy and told us about Joella's EB. We will definitely add you guys to our prayer list. Ashley told us about your blog so I searched until I found it. We need to catch up some time.

-Jeff Norris