Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Not so fast

I knew it wouldn’t last. Ella only slept in 3 to 4 hour sections on Saturday and Sunday nights. I miss those 6 straight hours of sleep. Sure it only happened once, but it was love at first sleep! She did, of course, take a 3 hour nap yesterday, so what she didn’t sleep at night she made up for during the day.

Joe and I got a little reminiscent this weekend. We took Ella to walk along the Tidal Basin where Joe proposed to me. She loves being outside and looking around. We think she had a good time. I’m sure she’ll visit this place several times throughout her life. The weather was absolutely beautiful! Very un-fall-like. I’m torn because on one hand I really like the warmer weather, but on the other hand we have all of these cute fall clothes for Ella and she hasn’t been able to wear any of them! The good thing is that she can continue to wear her cute summer clothes.

What is going on with all of these recalls lately? Ella is almost 16 weeks old and already I’ve had to check for recalls on 2 of her things. Luckily neither of them were recalled because they were new enough models, but I can’t help but wonder what other things she might have that are dangerous and will be recalled soon. What if…heaven forbid…her favorite music playing turtle gets recalled! What would we do? Luckily her hands can’t get recalled and for now that’s all she chews on.

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