Monday, October 29, 2007

Miracle Worker

Aunt Ellen came to visit last week (she is the 3rd oldest of the Murray kids). It was great having her here to hang out and spend time with Ella. She was GREAT with Ella! Maybe it’s the name connection.

I should let you all know that Joe and I are a bit paranoid with Ella. Maybe rightfully-so, but we rarely let people hold her, and when they do we don’t venture too far out of fear that something will happen and we will need to nab her back. Mostly we’re afraid of her getting hurt, but Ella also tends to “freak out.” She will start screaming and wriggling all over the place. She’s a good baby for the most part, but when she’s not happy she makes sure everyone knows it!

So Ellen came to visit and jumped right in to help out. From the first day she was so good with Ella. She could get her to fall asleep without using the bottle, which is a miracle in our book! Ella is a sleep fighter, so we were shocked when Ellen could lull Ella to sleep without a fight! She also knew how to hold Ella the way she likes…facing out so she can see the world, yet snuggled in so that she knows she’s protected. Ella didn’t really cry with Ellen. She just kind of chilled out.

Joe and I wish we knew Ellen’s trick. Maybe she is just more patient than we are. Maybe Ella just likes her better. Who knows? All we know is that for 4 days Ellen was a miracle worker with Ella.

Of course Joe and I never actually cooked for Ellen. The closest she got to eating a meal at our house was having toasting an English muffin and Joe making coffee. The rest of the meals we either ordered in or went out to eat. I really do know how to cook. Granted, we usually eat meat and veggies, but I don't know how to cook a steak without burning it.

For those of you who don’t watch TV, or just don’t care about baseball…the Red Sox won the World Series!!! Woo Hoo!!! I am a Red Sox fan, so I am very excited about this win, but I will say that I’m a bit disappointed with them sweeping the Rockies . I’m a western girl, so there was a part of my heart that really wanted the Rockies to win, or for them to at least give the Sox a “run for their money.” Oh well, I’m glad the Sox won and that nasty curse is ancient history!

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