Saturday, October 6, 2007

6 Hours!!!

WOO HOO!!! Ella slept 6 hours straight last night! That is the longest stretch of sleep she’s ever had. It probably won’t happen again tonight, but it was nice that we got a full 6 hour stretch of sleep. Then when she woke up at 4:30am, she ate and went back to sleep for another 4 hours!

We’ve added some new pictures and video of Ella in her new Washington Nationals outfit, thanks Aaron Chang. He hooked Ella up with her cute outfit, and another one for next year, and the Nationals bear that you see in the pictures. Aaron commented that he was tired of seeing the Mets onesie all the time.

On another note, Joe has joined a fall softball team. For those of you who don’t know Joe, he is a huge baseball fan (if you couldn’t tell from the Mets outfit). During the summer he plays on one of our church softball teams (FBCA #2…who won the championship I might add), so for the fall he was recruited to play for a team at his school, Catholic University. Having the baseball history that he has, Joe takes softball very seriously. He gets out there and has a lot of fun, but is willing to “go the distance” for his team. Over the summer this resulted in a white t-shirt that ended the season a nice clay color, a torn pair of workout pants, several pair of clay stained socks, and a severely scraped up knee. Unfortunately while playing for his fall team last week Joe dove to catch a ball, and ended up scraping his knee all up. Of course its much cooler to just let the wound “air out” than it is to protect it with a band-aid, so his scraped up knee got blood all over our white sheets! I know what you’re thinking, we shouldn’t have white sheets in the first place. Well, the nice thing about white is that I can bleach all the blood out. Today he came back from softball and his wrist is all bruised. At least a bruise won’t bleed all over our sheets.


Anonymous said...

Make him sleep on the red couch!!!

Paige said...

Hooray for sleep! Ella is such a sweet baby!

Darla Tomes said...

LET'S GO NATS! But, I have to say, Aaron can't talk about Ella wearing Mets gear. Aaron actually works for the Nats but wears Yankees shorts to play softball in!

Joe, you should have seen my skinned up elbow. I would have matched your gross knee perfectly.