Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ella's New Toy

No, Joe and I didn’t go shopping and find the most magnificent toy since the music playing turtle. This is a toy Ella discovered all on her own. It’s her voice and she loves it! Sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday Ella figured out that she can make noises…lots of different noises. It’s hysterical. She just lays on her blanket and talks to herself, then she’ll smile about all of it, and start talking again. There is a new video showing her talking. She does this funny lip thing where she sticks out her top lip and tucks her bottom lip in. Now she talks all the time (I don’t know where she gets that) and this morning she started squealing. We have a funny kid.

Wednesday I came home for lunch and while Ella and I were playing she let out the cutest little giggle I have ever heard! I almost cried. I just can’t believe that we thought we were going to lose her, and now she’s growing and developing so much. God is so good! Joe said that she had giggled at him earlier in the day while he was changing her diaper. Of course I've been trying to get her to giggle ever since, but it isn’t working out so well.

On another note, we had family pictures taken yesterday. It was a lot of fun. The photographer came to our house and took pictures around our house, then we walked down the street to the park and she took more pictures there. Of course Ella didn't smile once the whole time she was here! As soon as the photographer left Ella took a 2 hour nap and woke up all smiles. Luckily I was able to catch some good pictures of her smiling. You can find those in the October photos section.

We also want to welcome Andrew Jarrod Quigley to the world! Joe's sister Katie, and her husband Jarrod had a baby boy on Thursday October 11. We are very excited to welcome this little guy into the family. The last 4 additions to the Murray clan have been girls, so I know the boys are excited to have another boy in the bunch. This also makes the Murray grandkids an even 10. Grammy Janet sure has her hands full.


Anonymous said...

Katie and Joe,

Thank you for the updates and pictures of Joella. What a beautiful smile! Matt and I love reading your blog. Joe, watch out. You now have two Murray girls talking your ear off. God is wonderful in so many ways... He must have something AWESOME planned for Joella, and I look forward to seeing what it is!

Love you much-
Dana :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie and Joe-

So thrilled to hear how well things are going. Soon as you can you've gotta get up North here to show her off to us!

-Scott, Jen, Caleb, Bethany and Sarah Hamilton