Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Two New Videos! See right-hand side.

Katie and I spent the entire day with Joella with a few goals in mind. We participated in morning "rounds" with her doctors where they briefed us in detail on her overall medical status. She received good reports on all accounts.

Secondly, we witnessed the complete wound-care regime from her head to toe. It took about two hours for the nurses to remove her bandages and re-dress her with new ones. This process is what Katie and I will be doing everyday for her.

Lastly, we were able to begin feeding her with a bottle, which was a lot of fun.

Prayer Requests and Praises:
-We are thankful that her UB tube (in her belly button for fluids and blood testing) was removed.
-We praise God that Joella has a new crib which replaced her incubator, and are especially thankful that she was fed 30 ml of breast milk from a baby bottle.
-We pray she does not develop any blisters in her mouth or esophogus due to her bottle feeding.


Jean said...

What great videos! It was good to see Ella eating and being rocked by Mom. Thanks so much for keeping us informed.

Jean in Casper

Beth said...

How cute! And exciting! What a special day for everyone.

Beth and Byron

Lynelle said...

My Joe and I enjoyed watching the videos...and that of course prompted us to lift you all up again. Ella looks great -- so alert really. Katie, the experience you wrote about with singing Jesus loves me and the true meaning hitting you is exactly (and I am not kidding) what happened to us when we had Jairus back in Cooks those several days after he was born. God is so good! It was cool how such a "simple" childrens song could actaully carry so much punch! God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sight! She has Katie's eyes for sure. Keep up the good work guys! You are really a great team!
Joanne and Mike

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie and Joe,
What a beautiful name for a beautiful baby! I am so blessed by the way you are both so strong in your faith. What an incredible testimony you are. I have prayed for you all during the day every day since she was born.
Thank you for sharing your joy. I know that it must be really difficult at times.

My favorite verse is Psalms 91,1-2
He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord , "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.

Aren't we fortunate to have such a mighty God?

Laurie Ploude

Anonymous said...

You can tell that Ella knows her mama! She was definately giving Katie googoo eyes. We enjoyed the videos. We are glad she is continuing to do so well.

Dan, Julie, Danae, & Aiden Ray

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe and KT,
We are continually lifting you up in prayer as is our church family. We want to encourage you guys to keep watching for God's little blessings in the midst of your circumstances. When Caleb had cancer at 13 months old we experienced some of the most amazing blessings and we saw the tender care of our Lord in so many ways. We thank God that you are seeing Him work and that He IS ABLE! We love you guys and your precious new baby girl.
In His Grip,
Jim and Nancy Jo Garbutt

Paige said...

Those videos are so special! Thank you for sharing these sweet moments with us!

Anonymous said...

She's so cute! What a relief to be able to hold and feed her! We're always lifting you up in prayer. Ella, mom and dad's strength is indeed a testament to God's love for you. Two hours is a long time to change the bandages, but will be totally worth it when Ella's with you 24/7. It's crazy to think that from the moment you were conceived, the Lord knew all that was before you, even the birth of your daughter. Whether you realize it, He has prepared you to be her parents- the best parents ever! He knows what lays ahead for her, for you, your marriage and it's all good. All for His glory. I'm listening to Bebo Norman as I peruse the web and love his song "I am." Here's the chorus:

"I am in the sun
I am in the shade
I am in the light that love has made.
I am in the cold,
I am in the warm.
I am in the center of your storm.
I am in the fire,
I am in the flood.
I am in the marrow and the blood.
When you cannot stand... I am."

-Melanie and Dave

Anonymous said...

Oh Katie and Joe! I am sooo excited for the both of you. To be able to hold your precious beauty finally. What joy you must be feeling. The smiles from ear-to-ear say it all.

Praise God she is doing so well and I thank God that He is with you every day. He is certainly our strength and foundation.

What a beautiful little girl she is and I look forward to seeing her grow as you continue to share her life with the rest of us too.

Our prayers are with you.

Esther & Steve Maturo

Anonymous said...

We loved the video of Katie holding Joella- it is so hard to stay awake when you are a baby. It was just wonderful to see her. She also looks as if she likes the bottle. We are in prayer for you all. God is doing amazing things!
Chris and Barbara Elliff

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see pictures of Joella. She is beautiful. Her loving gaze towards Katie in the pictures is so touching! Ella is truly blessed to have a Mom and Dad who are so strong in their faith. We are pleased to hear of Ella's good progress and will continue to keep all of you in our prayers. God bless and Go TEAM JOELLA!!

Emily, Matt, Jan and Sofie

Anonymous said...

Sweet katie and Joe, Joella is so precious and we are very thankful god brought her to you ! Isn't it amazing what God is doing and how he orchastrate every detail. We are so proud of the both of you and how you are clining on to our Lord Jesus Christ, who is faithful in all things. Were praying for discernment in the plans ahead for all and God's amazing Grace!! Love in christ Jay and Debbie

Anonymous said...

It is such a special honor to be on the team that is caring for Ella. She is a wonderful little girl who is so blessed to have such incredible parents. May she always be a source of much joy and happiness to her terrific parents.
Chani Feldman, RN

Eileen said...

We feel as if we know you through our dear friends, Matt and Dana. You and your daughter are in our prayers. We hope that you continue to enjoy the little improvements that are such victories for your child. Take care and know that many of us carry you in our hearts. Eileen, Urbanna VA