Saturday, July 21, 2007

The best $25 we have ever Spent

We bought Ella a new music toy for her crib, and she loves it! This morning, she would fixate on it and spend a lot of time just checking the sounds and colors out. Check out the two new videos, "Ella and her new Toy," and "One Month Old." Also, there are seven new photo shots of her this morning in the "Pictures of Ella" link.


Kristina said...

Ella is so beautiful, her eyes are so pretty watching the toy! I really enjoy seeing her video, prayers for her that the infection is completely cleared and that she will have a great last few days so she can make it home with you!

Kristina Transue

Anonymous said...

The latest picts and video are fantastic! The girls love to check the blog to see baby Joella or "Jah-lella" as Ashton says! :)So wonderful seeing her alert, beautiful face!
Prayers and thoughts with you each day!
Love, Ali, Chris, Maddison and Asthon Pfautz

Anonymous said...

Joella is so big and her eyes are so beautiful! I am sure she will be glad to go home with Mommy and Daddy!!! She is beautiful! I pray for her every day. Love Melody Belfiore

David Bowser said...

What a beautiful little girl! We pray for little Joella and all of Team Murray every day.