Friday, July 20, 2007

Fat Baby!

We have several things to praise God for that weren’t mentioned in the post last night. It was late and we were tired, what else can I say.

Ella is a porker (I don’t want to speculate which side of the family she gets that from). She is eating like a pig and is gaining a ton of weight. She weighs over 8 lbs now! Too bad she won’t be able to wear those newborn clothes we have at home. I always feel bad when she’s hungry and the bottle isn’t coming fast enough. She gives me this look that says, “Why aren’t you feeding me? I’m starving and you’re not feeding me yet.” It’s heartbreaking. The problem we have is that Ella isn’t very patient when it comes to her bottle. She wants it when she wants it and is not willing to wait. I don’t have any other kids to compare this to so I don’t know if all babies are that way.

The hospital did Ella’s car seat test the other day. They have to put the baby in their car seat and sit there for a couple of hours to make sure their vitals are stable. Ella passed with flying colors! And we found these little strap covers that will keep the straps from digging into her and causing blisters. Passing this test puts her a step closer to coming home!

She has her hearing test today, which I think will be ok since she responds so well to our singing. The only issue we have now is that she keeps scratching her face. I know that all babies do that, but with her fragile skin it just manifests itself so much worse! We are trying to keep mittens on her, but she’s a mover and a shaker so sometimes they come off. And she uses 2 or 3 pair a day because she is so lubed up from the ointment that she gets them all greasy.

We are so blessed with this sweet baby. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl! Babies are impatient for bottles. When they want it, they want it. Aiden scratches a lot because of his eczema until he makes himself bleed. The best thing we found for his head are light cotton infant caps (if she can wear them) and socks with tighter ankles on her hands (I bet those will be too much pressure). As he's gotten older, we try to distract him with toys he can hold and manipulate. It sounds as though you are getting positive news and a thriving little girl. We continue to pray for Ella and you two.

Julie Ray

Emily Hagadorn said...

So thrilled to read that Ella continues to make progress. Ella and our baby Sofie (now five months old) must be separated at birth - Sofie also LOVES to eat and squeals like a pig - literally -until she gets her food. She eats so much that she earned the nickname "piggy baby" some time ago. Joe - Happy belated Birthday! You are all in our thoughts and prayers each day. God bless and have a great weekend. Love, Em, Matt, Jan and Sofie Hagadorn in NJ

Betsey Reynozo said...

Katie and Joe,

We've never met (at least I don't think) Tony and I moved to Germany last Aug, but were very involved with FBCA and the POPS department. We have 3 girls (8,6,and 3) and we have just sent our adopted son/Tony's cousin back to VA essentially because he didn't want to live by our rules.

Anyway....I just want to let you know that we are keeping you in our prayers. I am so glad to hear that things are getting better and that there is a good chance that her outbreaks could lessen as time goes on.

This time has been hard for you guys, but I can see it has drawn you closer to God and to each other. If I were there I would have your freezer stocked with meals, run your errands and what not, but since I am 4,000 miles away in Germany just know that our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Love the videos by the way - too cute and so honest. You will cherish this time no matter what happens in the future!!!!

Betsey, Tony, Maria, Katelyn, Victoria and Jonathan who is currently flying to the US.

Anonymous said...

Every new baby I have ever met is the same way! It's as if they suddenly decide, "hmmm, I'm hungry!" and within 5 seconds it goes from fussing to full blown crying! When my niece did this to me a few weeks ago, I thought, "Oh no - what did I do wrong?? GET THE FOOD!!!". Definitely stresses you out when you aren't used to it.

You all are doing a great job, and WAY TO GO JOELLA on keeping your weight as it helps you come home sooner!

Jess and Rob

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
We have so enjoyed this wonderful site and all the updates. My kids love watching the videos of Ella and we are praying for her daily. It is so encouraging to hear many good bits of news and positive outlook. You all continue to be an inspiration to us all. Ella is beautiful and no doubt she is a very special little girl that has already touched the lives of many. She will have some story to tell! God will use this in mighty ways, that is for sure.

All the best and all our love,
Lou, Krista, Samuel & Rachel Price

Lynelle (Bane) Wolfe said...

I have been gone on a mission trip to Boston this last week, so I am just now catching up on Team Joella! I am pleased to read some very encouraging news from this last week. My prayer is that Ella will come home SOON! I pray these last few days waiting for the antibiotics will pass quickly. I loved watching the videos. And I think it is so cool that Joe will stay home with Joella -- my Joe stays home with Jairus when I teach. It works GREAT for us. God is good! God Bless YOU!

Anonymous said...

I just watched the three new videos of Ella. I LOVE her big belly!! She is such a cutie and I got the biggest kick out of her furrowed brow. She sure looks great and ready to be sprung from that joint!
Love ya guys,