Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Birthday Wishes

Well, I did not get my B-day wish of having Joella come home today, but, nonetheless, it was a good day.

Katie handled her dressing change today solo, as Dad needed a day to get caught up on some much needed rest. Joella ate well today from the bottle. We also learned that she will be on antibiotics for another week. If all goes as well as planned, she could be home in 10 days. We pray this happens.

That's all for today!


Skyman said...

Happy Birthday Joe!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Joe!! We all hope and pray Joella will be home with you and Katie soon!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Joe. Our wish today was for you to have rest and be showered with special blessings. I hope this happened. You are the son-in-law every parent wants for their daughter, and the daddy every little girl should have. You are our hero, and we love you very, very much.
Gale and Ron

The Hamiltons said...

Happy Birthday Joe-

Just checking in to see Joella's progress - so happy to see how's she is progressing.

Praying for the day when she can head home with you and Katie.

Scott, Jen, Caleb, Bethany and Sarah Hamilton