Friday, May 6, 2011

Tired Girl

Joe plays softball with our church team. He loves it and Ella and I love going to the games. It gives us a chance to get outside and enjoy the nice weather, without having to actually buy a ticket to a baseball game. Joe is the best player on the team (I have to say that, I'm his wife). It's also a great chance to me to catch up with all the other softball wives. I'd love to tell you how much we enjoy watching the game, but that would be a lie. Yes, we support our husbands, but the truth is that we all really enjoy just sitting around and talking. I'm just trying to keep it real here. And I'm not telling you anything Joe doesn't already know.

Most of the games start at either 6:45 or 8:30. However, sometimes they'll have a game that starts at 9:15. Those games are usually skipped by the families because it's just too late for our kids. The other night Joe had a 9:15 softball game. As soon as Ella saw him all decked out in his softball gear she was so excited to go to a game. It was a sad time when we had to break the news that it was too late and she'd be staying home. She insisted that she wasn't tired and wanted to go to the game. We didn't go and within 30 minutes of Joe leaving for his game, this is what happened.

Believe it or not, sometimes mommy and daddy do know best. Attending a softball game with this tired girl would have been a complete disaster! I can assure you that the end result would have been either a) an Ella that cried through much of the game, or b) mommy and Ella leaving the game early while daddy was left to fend for himself and find someone to give him a ride home.

3 comments: said...

That looked like what I was doing at 2am this morning while feeding Jonah! I caught me doing the "head bob" thing several times before slowboy finished his bottle :)

Jennifer said...

I just died laughing when I watched this. Wise decision to stay home. Happy Moms day my sweet friend!!!

Donielle said...

Isn't it just the best when you get 100% proof that you made the right decision. That is the BEST. She's just so cute