Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Katie’s Guilty Pleasures

I’ve come to realize that there are several people who read this blog whom I have never met. For that reason, I decided that a good way for you to get to know me better would be for me to post a few of my secrets….my guilty pleasures. My idea is that once I post a few of my guilty pleasures, I can get to know you better by you posting your guilty pleasures in the comments. So here they are, Katie’s top 3 guilty pleasures:

1) Salt and Vinegar potato chips – I love them! In fact, when I was working I would eat them almost every morning for breakfast. I would even buy 2 bags at a time. Now that I’m home with Ella I try to set a good example, so I have cereal for breakfast instead. My wonderful husband also loves Salt and Vinny’s, so if they are in the house he will easily polish off a bag. This means that since I am now home and no longer have a desk to keep my chips in, I have resorted to hiding the Salt and Vinny’s in various places in the kitchen. Don’t worry, I do share…sometimes.

2) Cheerios – I love Cheerios! They are my comfort food. If I’ve had a bad day…Cheerios. If I’m tired and don’t feel like cooking…Cheerios. If I’m hungry but nothing else in the pantry or refrigerator looks good…Cheerios. Mid-night snack…Cheerios. And I’m an adamant fan of the plain kind, I don’t care for the honey nut, frosted, fruit flavored, multi-grain, etc. I want the plain Cheerios and that’s it. I love Cheerios so much that most of the time I have a box next to the bed so I can eat a few handfuls before bed. Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have admitted that. The good news is that Ella has inherited my love for Cheerios, and she, like her mother, only likes the plain ones.

3) Fancy sheets – I realize that this makes me sound like a snob. Just take my word for it…I’m not a snob, but I do like really nice sheets. I’m a firm believer that a sleep is one of the biggest factors that can determine your mood, and the kind of sheets and bedding you have can make or break your sleeping experience. So, as terrible as it sounds, I won’t buy sheets under 500 thread count (I think the ones we have now are 700). In saying that, I must confess that the sheets on our guest bed are only 300 thread count, so our company doesn’t get the same sleeping pleasure Joe and I get…then again, our guests are sleeping on a futon so the thread count in the sheets probably doesn’t really matter anyway. Ella’s sheets are Princess, which are probably 100 thread count, but when you’re 3 it’s much more important to have princess sheets than it is to have a high thread count.

And just for fun, here are a couple of pet peeves I have:

1) Improper use of they’re/their/there, your/you’re, then/than – I guess I can blame my mom for this one…or maybe I can THANK her because I know the difference.

2) A dirty microwave – I can’t handle a dirty microwave…it makes me nauseous. If you come into our house at any given time, even if the rest of the house is a complete disaster (including the kitchen) I guarantee the microwave will be spotless.

3) Dishwashing – I am really picky about the way my dishes are washed (I blame my dad for this). The dishwasher is specifically arranged so that no dishes bang together during the washing cycle, therefore no plates or bowls get chipped. And with items that are hand washed, I want them completely covered in suds before being rinsed off. If it’s not completely soaped up, it’s not really clean.

There you have it. I am confident you will have much more peace in your day simply by knowing this pointless information.


Anonymous said...

Ginny's Guilty Pleasures
1. ICE CREAM I absolutely love ice cream and will skip dinner and save the calories for my late evening ice cream.

2. Lucky Charms - I never ate cold cereal as a child. Well, maybe Cheerios from time to time but NEVER cereal with lots of sugar. After I left home I tried them all. Love, love, love Lucky Charms.

3.) Having my nails done- That is my treat to myself. Love pretty painted nails.
Ginny Streeter - www.everythingieverwanted.wordpress.com

Jennifer said...

Blue bell coffee ice cream!!!

Linda said...

Hi Katie: This is fun. I love your pet peeves too.

1. Italian Hoagies - oil no mayonnaise. I will be on my death bed asking for a hoagie.
2. Ice Cream - any brand, not picky about that at all.
3. Good fluffy pillows. I like my sheets really soft too but I love Cold fluffy pillows.

Your pet peeve about the microwave made me laugh because where I work a man put his wet sneakers (and socks) in our microwave to dry them. He just couldn't understand why everyone was so upset with him. Go figure!
Give Ella my best and take care. Love and Hugs Leah's Nana