Friday, May 13, 2011

Ella-isms, Part three

Some of these are pretty old, but they are still oh so cute!

Ella was extremely excited about the Valentine exchange at school. On the way to school she said, “Mommy, I hope I get candy! If I do I will be SOOOO happy!” Then after getting home and looking at all her Valentines, she decided that she wanted to eat a piece of chocolate. She unwrapped it and said, “Mommy, it’s chocolate! Oh, it’s a heart…awww. A heart means loooove.”

“I’m going to visit Paw Paw and GiGi, and Paw Paw is going to make me pancakes!” She said this every day leading up to our trip to Shreveport, LA. What’s funny is that she won’t touch my pancakes. Apparently Paw Paw’s pancakes are special.

Ella has added a new word to her vocabulary…”Dude.” Yep, she’ll say, “Where are all my shows, dude?” or “What are you talking about, dude?” Just the other day I heard her say to Metti, “Don’t do it, dude!” followed by a very emphatic, “DUDE!!!” I love it! Now if I can just get her to start using the word “Rad” my job as a mother will be complete.

One afternoon I was sorting through some coupons and Ella looked at me with a very straight face and said, “Mommy, coupons are VERY important!” Oh child, you have no idea!

We went through a phase where every night we had a different Disney Princess join us for dinner. We would alternate between Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty (Aurora/Briar Rose), Belle, Tiana and Rosetta (one of Tinkerbell’s friends). The princesses are still alive and well, but they just don’t always join us for dinner.

Ella’s new phrases:

“Are you serious?”

“Watch me!”

“Oh Man!” said while she slaps her hand on her leg.

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