Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Apparently Ella felt the movement of the Holy Spirit this weekend. At church on Sunday we were sitting in the balcony. She was great through the entire service. She sat quietly and colored and even whispered when she wanted to say something. She was perfect. After the sermon we stood up to sing and Ella, in true Ella fashion, belted out the song (which she didn’t know). At the end of the song when the music ended and everyone was quietly sitting down, Ella yelled as loud as her little Ella voice could, “YAY!!!” Of course I put my hand over her mouth to try and shhh her, but as soon as I removed my hand she yelled again, “Yay Daddy!!!” Next was the prayer, so Joe and I spent the prayer time getting ourselves composed after her outburst. While it was completely inappropriate, it was also absolutely hysterical. Apparently the Spirit was moving in Ella during that song, and she felt the need to share it with the rest of the congregation. Later in the service a girl played the flute, and when it was over Ella once again said, “YAY!” Luckily this time we were prepared so we told her to say it quietly, and her exclamation was covered up by the applause of the congregation.

Sunday Ella was in rare form…she was talkative. She would actually talk to people that she doesn’t typically talk to. We made the mistake of telling her early in the day where we were having dinner. We went to dinner at our favorite hibachi place (Hana Tokyo) with a girl Joe went to law school with, and Ella loves this place! She always asks to go there. Ella was quite the chatterbox. She talked about her shoes, about the fire, the volcano (if you’ve ever been to hibachi then you know what I’m talking about), and she told them all about how she was going to get soup and rice. The funniest part was that Colleen brought Ella a late birthday present, so Ella opened it up while we were there. The restaurant then interpreted this as being Ella’s birthday. It also happened to be the birthday of another woman at the table, so at the end of the meal we got a double happy birthday dessert and song. Ella was so excited and kept saying, “It’s my birthday!” She talked about dinner for the rest of the night and even told Boppie all about it Monday morning.

Ella has been very clingy lately and every morning she asks to go to work with mommy and daddy. Well today Joe obliged. After they got dressed and had breakfast, Joe loaded Ella into the van and she spent the morning at daddy’s work. Apparently she was a big hit and she loved being there with Joe (I’m sure the Cherry Coke helped). I had a meeting near Joe’s office at 11, so after my meeting I went over and picked Ella up. She then came into mommy’s office to visit all of my colleagues. After that she headed home to spend the rest of the afternoon with Boppie. Visiting mommy and daddy’s work is very exciting stuff for a 3 year old.

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Linda said...

Maybe she is coming out of her shell. The real Ella likes to sleep on the floor, talk, sing and really feel the spirit. Gotta love that girl.
Keeping Ella, and Mommy and Daddy, in my prayers. Enjoy the rest of your summer, sure hope it ends really really soon. Come on Fall. Love Leah's Nana