Tuesday, August 10, 2010


In the words of Ella, “Aunt Trishy’s getting married! Aunt Trishy’s going to be a princess!”

I guess watching our wedding video over and over…and over again has paid off. When Phil proposed to Tricia, Ella knew exactly what was going to happen. “She’s going to be a princess and wear a white dress!”

The weekend started out great. Joe took me out on Thursday night to celebrate our anniversary (5 years! Woo Hoo!). We went to a placed called “Blues Alley” and it was great! We had an authentic Cajun dinner and listened to jazz music all night. Perfect! Friday I took the day off of work to have mommy and Ella day. We went to library story time (where Ella had to show me the ropes), then hit up the big yellow M (McDonalds) for lunch. That afternoon we got ready to head to the Jersey shore for the weekend.

We arrived Friday night and just hung out with the Murray clan. It’s always great seeing everyone. Saturday morning Joe told me some wonderful news…after dinner Phil was going to propose to Trish! I about jumped out of my skin from excitement! Now, how was I going to keep this secret all day? Throughout the day we’d chat about the night and how excited we all were…then Trish would enter the room and we’d shut up.

Janet planned a fabulous dinner with NJ lobster (oh so yummy…although Ella wouldn’t go near it), then after we all stuffed our faces the plan was to go for a walk on the beach. Katie (the original…Joe’s sister) was supposed to tell Tricia that since Phil had such a hard week at work, maybe the two of them should go for a walk ahead of everyone else just to have some downtime. Trish took the bait and invited Phil (who had already planned all this with Katie) to go for a walk. The rest of the family wasn’t too far behind. We all arrived at the boardwalk and were standing back waiting for the sign that Phil had popped the question and Trish had said yes. Of course we were all ecstatic when they started walking back to the boardwalk. The rest of the night was spent celebrating their new engagement over cupcakes and carrot cake.

Sunday we were tired, so we headed home right after lunch. It was a great weekend of celebration.

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