Saturday, August 28, 2010

Murray Staycation 2010

We decided to do something different this year. After having 2 different vacations planned and then canceled, Joe and I came to the conclusion that this year the best idea would be for us to do a staycation. I’ve heard of people taking them before, but never actually done it. Sure, I’ve taken a day off here and there to hang out with Ella, but I’ve never taken off more than a day.

The thing that sealed the deal was that an article on money saving tips that said you can save up to $5000 by doing a staycation. That’s real money, folks! Granted, neither of the vacations we planned would have cost anywhere near $5000, but lets add in non-financial savings:

1) No driving or flying anywhere – We have a 3 year old (in case you didn’t know) and even though she’s really a great traveler, the idea of not having to lug all of our stuff to the airport, or load up the mighty-mini makes me feel less stressed already. Kids, in general, have a lot of stuff. Add to that boxes of bandage supplies, and traveling just took on a whole new level.

2) Sleeping on our own bed – I’m a picky sleeper, I’ll be the first to admit it. Joe can sleep anywhere (all the Murray’s can…it’s a gift that comes from having 8 kids in the family), but I don’t have that luxury. I like the covers a certain way, Joe can’t be touching me (I know, I know), and I like MY pillow. So whenever we travel I spend the first 2 nights adjusting to a new sleeping environment. And Ella isn’t keen on sleeping in new places, so the first couple of nights she always sleeps between me and Joe…which means I get even less sleep. No sleep for several nights in a row doesn’t bode well for this mommy.

3) No Packing – if it rains, no big deal…I’ll just grab our umbrella. If it suddenly gets chilly…no problem, I’ll just go to Ella’s closet and grab her jacket. A staycation means I don’t have to spend time on trying to predict what the weather will do for the next several days. And if we need to do laundry I don’t have to search high and low for a place to do the wash. I just go down into our basement and throw the clothes in the washer. I don’t have to worry about whether or not I have enough diapers, or how Ella will respond going potty in a new place.

4) Refrigerator – Ella drinks a lot of milk and water, and she likes her beverages cold. So when we go somewhere that doesn’t have a refrigerator, we aren’t able to keep milk or cold water for her to drink whenever she wants. It’s just one of those minor inconveniences that can really make or break a vacation.

Luckily we live in Washington, DC and there is a lot to offer. Unfortunately, because we LIVE here, we rarely get out and do many of the things the city offers. Murray Staycation 2010 is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of many of those things visitors enjoy. Joe and I are actually really excited about it. For the past several weeks we’ve been making a list of things we want to do and our hope is to check something off each day. The items range from going to see a movie, to taking a boat ride of the Potomac, to going to the zoo.

There’s only one rule: Everything done during Murray Staycation 2010 has to be done as a family. Joe can’t go off and have breakfast with one of his friends. I can’t go out to a movie with the girls. Everything that is done will be done together.

So last night Murray Staycation 2010 officially began with pizza and a movie at home. Today, after a lazy morning at home, I went to the grocery store (exciting, I know) then we went and had dinner with one of Joe’s friends from law school and his family. They have a little boy close to Ella’s age, so it was a fun night out.

We’ll see what tomorrow has in store. Murray Staycation 2010 is just beginning, so there’s no telling what will happen each day.


Wren and Jennifer Hawthorne said...

Sounds fun KT. Look forward to hearing more about it.

Linda said...

Hi Katie: What a great idea. Stay at home and just enjoy being a family with no stress and saving money too. How awesome is that? Enjoy going to the zoo and all the other things that you plan to do.
Give Ella a hug and kiss for me. Take care guys. Love Leah's Nana