Monday, August 30, 2010

Murray Staycation 2010 – Day 3

I didn’t post about day 2 because, honestly, not much happened. Joe had his fantasy football draft (can you hear the excitement in my voice) which lasted pretty much all day. This was the one event that was exempt from the “family” rule because it has been on the calendar for weeks. So he was allowed to go alone, and Ella and I stayed home. We just hung out, stopped by the grocery store, then came back home. We did go out to eat as a family to our favorite restaurant, Hana Tokyo.

Today Ella and I slept in while Joe got up early and took care of some family business. I mentioned our sleeping habits in the last post (ok, MY sleeping habits), but this time I’ll mention Joe’s. The good thing about me is that when Ella wakes up in the middle of the nights I have no problem going back to sleep. Joe, on the other hand, usually lays in bed for awhile and can’t fall asleep, then he decides to just get up and be productive. So this morning he was up around 6 and just stayed awake filing, doing bills, etc.

We took it easy this morning and just laid around the house until after lunch. Then, we decided to venture out to Potomac Mills (outlet malls) to see a movie and exchange a shirt. We walked around the main outlet mall for a few minutes, and got these pictures taken.

Ella wasn’t sure what to think of the photo booth, but Joe and I loved it.

After the mall we headed to the movie…Toy Story 3. We love that Ella can now sit through an entire movie! It’s nice and cool, but we’re still able to get out of the house. And Joe and I always end up enjoying the movie just as much as Ella does. She loved Toy Story 3 because it has a lot of toys that she recognizes…Barbie, Mr. Potato Head, a cowboy, a bear, etc. She talked a lot about those toys during the movie, and when any music would start playing Ella would start dancing in her seat.

While not overly exciting, it was a great day. So far Murray Staycation 2010 is a great success.

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