Monday, July 14, 2008

Thanks to the Eagles of MD!!!

We would like to take this post to send a huge shout out and thanks to the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Maryland. When Ella was born the Eagles (Brunswick Eagles #1136) joined forces with Jenni Benson (the greatest BF anyone could hope for) to create and market the wonderful CD made in Ella’s honor. Paul Armstrong and Angie Armstrong worked hard with Jenni to raise money for the project, and the Eagles donated the funds needed to produce the CD so that any money raised through sales would go directly to Ella and her medical needs. Needless to say, the money received from the sale of the CD has been a huge help to our family. There are items Ella needs that are not necessarily “medical” but are medically necessary for Ella. Such items include special cloth diapers that don’t give her boo boos, very soft sheets, a table that we use to change her bandages, little covers to protect her neck in the car seat, and much more.

On Sunday June 22, Joe, Ella and I had the privilege of thanking this group in person at their state meeting. We were welcomed with open arms. Ella didn’t even pull her shy routine, which says a lot! The Eagles sang Happy Birthday to Ella and went above and beyond by giving her a special birthday gift donation, which was promptly deposited into her college fund. We are SO thankful to this wonderful group for all of their help and support. You can find out more about the Eagles organization on their website,

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