Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ella is in the process of getting 2 more teeth. Both are on top and both are causing pain. She’s had a really stuffy nose, which is usually taken care of with a little saline spray, and drool has been pouring out of her! The other night she had been asleep for about 2 hours when she woke up crying. It was obvious by the cry that something was hurting. Given our situation, we immediately go into panic mode. Sometimes it's still tough to know what is normal baby stuff and what is EB related. Nothing would calm our sweet girl down. She was wiggling and crying and sticking her fingers in her mouth. We gave her some Tylenol, rubbed some numbing stuff on her gums, and turned on the radio. Within a few minutes she was back asleep and doing fine. After talking to a couple other moms (one with a 14 month old and one with a 15 month old, both getting teeth) I found out that we are not alone. Apparently their children had also been waking up in the middle of the night with teething pain. Luckily last night it was better and Ella slept all night.

I do think it’s funny that Ella’s bottom teeth are coming in slower than her top ones. She has the two middle ones on the bottom, but that’s it. And she isn’t showing signs that the others on the bottom are going to poke through anytime soon. After these two come in, that will give her 6 on top. I know that eventually she’ll have all her teeth.

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