Friday, July 25, 2008


Today marks the 1 year anniversary on bringing our precious Ella home from the hospital. One year ago Joe and I had spent the night in the guest room of the hospital as a “trial run” of having Ella home. We got little to no sleep and were completely exhausted! The day seemed to drag on forever. Every hour passed with a slow tick-tock. Finally, she was dressed, strapped into her car seat, and we were off.

It seems so long ago, and looking at the pictures, Ella seems so little. At the time, the 34 days she spent in the NICU felt like an eternity! Now it feels like 34 days passes just in the time it takes to blink. From what I hear, the next 18 years will pass just as quickly.

In other Ella news, Ella has a snow globe with Elvis and President Nixon (thanks Aunt Darla). Every morning when she wakes up she reaches for her snow globe. Joe shakes it for her and she watches the snow fall. I am so proud that she loves her Elvis snow globe. And when I handed it to her this morning to play with, she looked at me and said thank you.


Dee said...


Ella is fearfully and wonderfully made!
She is formed by Your Hands O Lord.

Children are a gift from God
They are His Reward.
Psalm 127:3

Darla Tomes said...

And to think Aunt DT was laughed at by some for that gift!

I love you Ella bella and am so glad I've had the blessing to get to be a part of your life!