Monday, April 14, 2008

What goes around, comes around

Ella has a new trick. Well, its not really a trick, but rather something she just does without really thinking about it. Ella loves her daddy, and if she is hanging out with daddy and he hands her over to me, she cries. Not only does she cry, but she reaches out her arms for her dad. The second he gets her back she stops crying. When it’s me and Metti, she’s fine with me and even gets excited to see me. And if it’s just me she is all giggles and fun. Only when she’s with her dad and he passes her along do we get this reaction. And its not every time, just MOST of the time. I usually have to take Ella and turn her so she can’t see her dad anymore, then distract her. Once she’s through the initial shock of being taken away from her dad, she’s fine.

Now this might hurt the feelings of a lot of moms, but not me. When I told my dad (Paw Paw) about what Ella does, his response was, “She’s just like her mother.” Yes, I was and still am my daddy’s girl. I love my mom and we have a special bond (she’s my best friend…other than Joe of course), but there is something about the connection between me and my dad. In fact, I attribute a lot of who I am as an adult to the fact that I have always known that I am loved by my dad, and that no matter what other boys thought, daddy thought I was something very special and important. I am so happy that Ella has this bond with Joe. And I know Joe loves it! I just hope that she doesn’t grow up to be a tomboy…not that there’s anything wrong with that (Darla).

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DT said...

Of COURSE there's nothing wrong with that! I'm a proud daddy's girl and tomboy and I turned out alright (didn't I?!)