Monday, April 21, 2008

She's Baaack!

Gi Gi was back in town for the weekend to see her favorite granddaughter. She has been spending time in Charlottesville with Ella’s cousins, Nate and Sam, and decided to take a weekend jaunt up to Alexandria. It was great having her here. At first Ella did the “Ella Stare” to Gi Gi. Anyone who has been around Ella knows her stare. She just looks at you with a straight face and those chunky cheeks. No emotion, no movement. Just several minutes of eyeing you down and studying you completely. I guess she wants to make sure you’re ok. Anyway, she gave Gi Gi the Ella stare all the way home. Once we were home she loosened up and started to be her typical self.

Most of the weekend was spent with me and Gi Gi trying to prompt Ella to crawl. The best we can get out of her is a couple of crawls. Then she tries to get up on her feet. Crawling I’m ready for, but standing and trying to walk…I need a few more months before that!

We met Uncle Curby and Aunt Gina, along with Sam and Nate, for lunch yesterday to give Gi Gi back. Ella was a bit on the fussy side (I think it’s the nasty weather combined with these teeth coming in), so Joe and I had to take turns holding her throughout lunch. Sam and Nate are still young enough that they just sat in their seats while Curby and Gina got to eat with two hands. At least we all got to enjoy some good southern food at the Cracker Barrel. Fried catfish, boiled cabbage, and cole slaw, topped off with an apple dumpling for dessert all rounded out with iced sweet tea! Delicious!

A side note, when I took Ella to the bathroom to change her diaper I was told that I should “keep a hat on that baby so that the sun won’t do that to her skin.” I just thanked the lady for the suggestion and went on my merry way. Honestly, sometimes I am shocked with the unsolicited “advice” perfect strangers give. They don’t know me, they don’t know Ella, and they sure as heck don’t know her situation, yet a vast majority think that they have just the right answer to her skin. My favorite is when people ask if she has the chickenpox.

Anyway, we can’t forget that today is Ella’s 10 month birthday! She is such a big girl and such a blessing to us. Last night we were playing tickle monster with her and she was laughing up a storm! It was so sweet. I had to just stop in the middle and hug her and kiss those chunky cheeks!


Anonymous said...

Let me assure you that GiGi had more fun than anyone on the little trip to Alexandria. And eating at Cracker Barrel, was equally a treat for us and for everyone who watched us with the THREE babies. Good memories were made this past weekend.

Dee said...

You must be a voice for EB. A difficult task, but everytime you say, "Oh, no ma'am she has EB." Prayerfully, you've delivered 1 more fatal blow to this disease exposing it for what it is.
Yes, you are sooooo right GiGi - Bless you! I now have more loved ones in Heaven than on Earth. The memories of us being together are immeasureable. These cherished times are a gift.
Bless you for your website that has opened the world of EB to me. You and Joe are doing a wonderful job! I thoroughly enjoy keeping up - you are a joy!
I constantly; continually keep Ella in my prayers; prayer lists - praying that "with His Stripes" Ella is completely healed; totally restored.
Karen, Gina's Mom, is my cousin.
Howdy from Texas!!!!!!!