Thursday, April 17, 2008

God is good!

We took Ella to her annual pediatrician appointment this morning. She is a whopping 18 lbs and 27 ½ inches long. I can’t remember her head measurement but its normal. This keeps her in the 25th percentile, which makes us very happy! She has consistently been in the 25th percentile, which means she isn’t losing any weight from healing (which can be an issue with EB kids because their bodies burn so many calories from healing).

The Dr. also said that Ella is developmentally right on track! She is doing everything your average 10 month old does. I was a bit worried that she wasn’t getting enough formula because she would much rather eat real food (sometimes we can’t get it in fast enough). Luckily she is totally normal in that regard too, and is now getting most of her nutrition from her food rather than the bottle. Now if we could just get the sippy cup figured out. She’ll take it sometimes, but for the most part she doesn’t want much to do with it.

The best part, of course, was when the Dr. complimented us on what a great personality Ella has. See, I keep telling you that she is a sweet baby. Now I have proof!

As far as the crawling goes, we’re still waiting. She did take a couple of little crawls the other day, but Metti and I got so excited that she stopped to stare at us. We try to entice her with the cell phone and blackberry, or even the TV remote control, but she just lays on her tummy and reaches as far as she can trying to grab the gear. I know that as soon as she crawls I will go into panic mode trying to baby-proof the house.

Needless to say, this was a great visit with the Dr. God has blessed us so much with how well Ella is doing. We are lucky to be her parents. God is good...all the time.

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