Saturday, April 26, 2008


We thought we had through the weekend to baby-proof the house. Specifically to put a gate up at the stairs and into the kitchen. Apparently it takes just a day or 2 for kids to figure out this crawling thing, then they are everywhere. Ella is officially at the everywhere stage. Metti had to go underneath the dining table yesterday to get her. Now her new favorite thing to do is get a toy and throw it so that she has to crawl and get it. Of course every time I turn the camera on she just sits there. Finally this morning I was able to capture the cuteness of the crawling on video...thanks to her Miley Cyrus musical card.

I do think that Ella likes this new independence. You can tell that she likes not having to wait for things to be given to her, she just gets them herself. And now she can explore all those areas that she's never been before, ie. under the dining table.


Anonymous said...

It is so much fun watching babies learn to crawl then walk. You go, Ella (but not too much because your parents might tire with all the chasing!). I'm glad to hear that she received a fabulous Dr.'s report. Was there any doubt? Ms. Ella is a cool chick who wants to keep up the progress. She's no slouch! :)

Glad to hear you got coleslaw and sweet tea at CB. It's the little things in life that sometimes hit the spot.

We'll be in prayer for Ella's knees as she continues the new found freedom of crawling!

With love,

Melanie said...

She's on the move-- yay Ella!